Quay tra�Y la??i va��i cA?c khA?ng gian A?m nha??c ha??p da?�n lA� tia??t ma�?c solo Guitar A�ia��n A�a��c A�A?o, ma??nh ma?? ca��a tha?�y Hadan qua ba??n Skaa��d for life.


Tha?�y Hadan solo ba??n Skaa��d For Life va��i guitar A�ia��n.

A?a pha?�n cA?c tia??t ma�?c ta�� A�a?�u A�a??n gia�? A�a??n ta�� SEA Guitar, tha?? cA?n thA�nh qua?? ca��a cA?c ba??n ha�?c viA?n Viet S Voice thA� sao nha��? Vy Tra?�n mang A�a??n ca khA?c ca�� A�ia�?n ca��a HA�n Qua��c Behind Regret. BA?n ngoA�i, xe ca�� a��n A�o tha?? nh?�ng trong cA?n phA?ng ca��a Loft, cA? ma��t khoa??ng la?�ng man mA?c tha�? hia��n cA?u chuya��n tA�nh yA?u xa�� HA�n.


Gia�?ng ca nga�?t ngA�o Vy Tra?�n a�� ha�?c viA?n vA� cA�ng lA� thA�nh viA?n A�a��i tuya�?n Viet S Voice

Tia??p sau Vy Tra?�n lA� Ba??o Nga�?c va��i ca khA?c tia??ng Anh A�ang lA�m A�iA?n A�a??o gia��i tra?�. Tha?�y Trung HoA�ng A�A? A�a��m hA?t A�a�? ha�� tra�? ha�?c viA?n ca��a mA�nh hoA�n thA�nh xua??t sa??c ca khA?c Like Ia��m Gonna Lose You.


Ba??o Nga�?c da dia??t va��i ca khA?c Like Ia��m Gonna Lose You do tha?�y Trung HoA�ng A�a��m hA?t

KhA?ng khA� khA?n phA?ng la??i A�?�a�?c khua??y A�a��ng va��i ca khA?c Mercy do cA? gA?i nha�? nha??n ThiA?n NgA?n trA�nh bA�y. Gia�?ng ca ca��a ThiA?n NgA?n A�A? khia??n khA?n gia?? khA?ng tha�? nga��i yA?n mA� cA?ng nhA?n nha?�y theo va��i tia??t ta??u vui nha��n.


ThiA?n NgA?n lA�m cha�� sA?n kha??u va��i ca khA?c Mercy

CA�ng sA?i A�a��ng h??n na�?a khi ba??n Nha?�t Tua??n, thA�nh viA?n A�a��i tuya�?n Viet S Voice khoe gia�?ng hA?t vA� kha?? nA?ng bia�?u dia��n A�a?�y ta�� tin va��i ba??ng Hit ca��a nhA?m Big Bang, ca khA?c Bang Bang Bang.


Nha?�t Tua??n va��i phong thA?i A�a?�m cha??t ngha�� sA� va��i ca khA?c Bang Bang Bang

CA?n bA?y gia�? lA� tha�?i kha??c A�?�a�?c nhia�?u ba??n mong A�a�?i nha??t, bA?c thA?m nha?�n quA� theo nh?� thA?ng A�ia��p ca��a ch?�??ng trA�nh To Give Is To Receive. Ma��i ba??n mang A�a??n ma��t mA?n quA� A�a�? nha?�n la??i ma��t mA?n quA� ta�� ng?�a�?i khA?c. ThA?ng A�ia��p cA?n hA�m cha��a A? nghA�a a�?ha�?c viA?n trao ga��i nia�?m tin ta??i Viet S Voice, chA?ng tA?i trao la??i cha??t l?�a�?ng ha�?c ta?�p ta��t nha??t, mA?i tr?�a�?ng sinh hoa??t thA?n thia��n nha??t cho cA?c ba??na�?.


Ba��c thA?m A�a�? nha?�n nha�?ng mA?n quA� ca��a cA?c ba??n tham da��

Tha?�y Ch?�??ng gia��i thia��u s?? ba�� va�? thA�nh pha?�n ca��a tra��ng cA�ng nh?� nha�?ng A�a?�c A�ia�?m thA? va�� mA� khA?a ha�?c tra��ng ta??i SEA mang la??i cho ba??n.


Pha?�n gia��i thia��u va�? khA?a ha�?c tra��ng ca��a tha?�y Ch?�??ng

Tha?�y A�A? ma�?i ma�?i ng?�a�?i lA?n tha�� A�A?nh tra��ng, tha?�t ba??t nga�?, ma��t ca?�u bA� 4 tua��i A�A? nhanh nha??u cha??y lA?n vA� nga��i vA�o ba�� tra��ng. Ca?�u bA� a??y cA? tA?n Tra�?ng Kha??i, A�am mA? tra��ng vA� A�A? theo ha�?c A�?�a�?c 1 thA?ng.

IMG_0049<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-3576" src="http://www.seaguitar read this post here.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IMG_0049.jpg” alt=”IMG_0049″ width=”500″ height=”333″ />

Tra�?ng Kha??i a�� 4 tua��i a�� ba��c la�� nia�?m A�am mA? khi nga��i vA�o ba�� tra��ng

Tia??p A�A? lA� tia??t ma�?c bia�?u dia��n A�iA?u luya��n ca��a ca?�u bA� 8 tua��i, A�ang theo ha�?c tra��ng ca��a tha?�y Ch?�??ng.


Ca?�u bA� 8 tua��i a�� tha�? hia��n kha?? nA?ng ch??i tra��ng A�iA?u luya��n

Ch?�??ng trA�nh A�?�a�?c ka??t thA?c va��i ca khA?c All I Want For Christmas Is You do ta?�p tha�? gia??ng viA?n SEA Guitar, A�a��i tuya�?n Viet S Voice ka??t ha�?p va��i tha?�y Ch?�??ng ch??i tra��ng. Tia??t ma�?c A�a�? khA�p la??i ch?�??ng trA�nh nh?�ng tha��c sa�� bA?ng na�� ba�Yi sa�� sA?i A�a��ng, tia??t ta??u da��n da?�p vA� ca ta�� trA�n A�a?�y A? nghA�a.


Ca khA?c All I Want For Christmas Is You A�A? khA�p la??i ch?�??ng trA�nh

CA�ng A�A? A�a??n tha�?i gian Viet S Voice chia tay cA?c ba??n ha�?c viA?n, pha�? huynh vA� cA?c khA?ch ma�?i A�A?ng quA?. ChA?ng tA?i bia??t ??n sa�� cA? ma?�t ca��a ma�?i ng?�a�?i ta??i A�A?y, A�a�? cA?ng chA?ng tA?i nhA�n la??i cua��c hA�nh trA�nh A�A? qua trong ma��t nA?m vA� cA?ng nhau b?�a��c tia??p./.